Opening doors with 女性/Minority Owned Small Business Certification


The 女性 in Business Seminar Series returned March 28 to celebrate 女性’s History Month.

Being women/minority owned certified (WOSB/MOSB) is a valuable tool which helps to gain competitive advantage with those looking to do business with certified 女性 Business enterprises. Over 35 small business owners logged on to join us live to discover the reasons why being certified matters and how it can assist you with growing your business.

Replay now available below.

玛丽亚柏金, Director of Certification with WBEC-West, shares what is needed to gain certification to see if your company’s documents validate the WBENC and WOSB required 51% ownership, 操作, 控制, 最高头衔, and independence by a woman or women owner. See what opportunities open up you to work with government.

Plus be inspired by a local Maui-based women business-owner on her experience of getting and being certified.

Thursday, March 28

About the Speaker

玛丽亚柏金, Director of Certification, WBEC-West

玛丽亚柏金 came to live in the USA over thirty years ago from Puerto Rico.  She joined the “女性 Business Enterprise Council West” in 2009, bringing over twenty years of customer service experience from all levels of dynamic industries.  As an exceptional leader, she has a keen ability to effectively build new territories and expand opportunities with existing clients in addition to relationship-building, and business development training.

As the Director of Certification, she leads the 女性’s Business Enterprise Council West (WBEC-West) certification team, with responsibilities for implementing the WBENC certification standards and procedures in Arizona, 科罗拉多州, 夏威夷, 内华达, Southern California, 犹他州, 怀俄明, and the territories of American Samoan, 和关岛.  Her passion is to keep the line of communication open and connect WBEs, 客户, and businesses as she assists them to overcome obstacles, and hurdles through certification.

Coming from entrepreneur parents, who also owned and operated several businesses of their own, Maria has enjoyed the position with the WBEC-West organization and assisted upcoming entrepreneurs.  She attended ASU, South Mountain Community College, and Rio Salado Community College where she received degrees and certificates in the science field, and Phi Theta Kappa Alumni.

She is active in a variety of civic and cultural organizations including Community Partnership Emergency Shelters and is President of Confirmed Word Ministries. Outside of her professional interests, she spends time with her family and friends.

玛丽亚柏金, Director of Certification, WBEC-West

The 女性 in Business Seminar Series is presented by Maui Economic Development Board (jdb电子夺宝官方) in partnership with the 女性’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC) and supported by the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program and the County of Maui.

WBEC is one of the official WOSB Certifiers for SBA 女性 Owned Small Business certifications. Businesses can get certified as being a 51% owned and operated (Minority, 女性, Veteran) in order to qualify for special consideration in government and private contracts and to participate in a sponsor company’s Supplier Diversity 项目.


jdb电子夺宝官方 is a nonprofit corporation established in 1982 with a mission to lead and inspire innovation in business, 教育, 和社区. The organization was awarded a nationally competitive SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program grant to build business capacity in underserved and rural communities. The SBA grant is funding this program in part and is enabling jdb电子夺宝官方’s work in building shared economic prosperity.

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